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Duck Hunting

Duck Hunt Over Decoys
Mornings: Arrive 8:00-8:30
Afternoons: Arrive 12:00 to eat or
1:00-1:30 for the hunt

Our duck hunt is over decoys. You will be placed in a blind over the lake and will call the ducks into your decoy spread with one of our hand type mallard calls. You will have the opportunity to harvest 8 large mallards and more can be flighted with prior notice. The usual success rate is about 80%.

Duck Hunting Blind
Duck Hunters

After the hunt, the birds are divided equally. Where else can you take part in such an exciting hunt prior to, during, and after the regular duck season and, with good shooting, a double limit! We can hunt with as few as 4 and up to 14 hunters. Put together your own group or join one of ours. A big country breakfast is included in the hunt.

We suggest brown camo clothing and rain gear. Waders aren't needed, just watertight boots. Bring your duck call, camera, shell box, and remember steel shot is required (#2 is best). On most blinds, we will take you out in a boat, but for handicapped hunters who still want to enjoy the thrill of great duck hunting, we have one blind accessible by wheel chair. With up to two per blind, the ladies and young hunters will enjoy this hunt also. Book early and often. Remember we need a minimum of 4 to put the hunt on.

Cost is $245 per hunter.


Duck and Waterfowl Hunting

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