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Wild Boar Hunts

If you are looking for an excellent hunt to cure your off season doldrums, Broxton Bridge Plantation has a great option to consider – wild boar hunting. Come enjoy the excitement of a heart-pounding wild boar hunt with us! Beautiful South Carolina lowcountry scenery and an experienced guide as well as an abundance of game will ensure a memorable hunt.

Our exciting hog hunts are held in an 80 acre wooded, fenced area where an abundance of wild sows and boar flourish. The hunts will be guided by a knowledgeable gamesman. For a $45 charge, hogs can also be skinned and dressed. To take advantage of this option, please call (843) 866-7285 and ask for Skeet.

We recommend using a rifle or a pistol for this challenging hunt. No license is needed and wild hogs are always in season – you can hunt January through December. So schedule a wild hog hunt with us and experience the reasons this sport is becoming more and more popular throughout the country.

  • No license required

  • Wild hogs always in season

  • Under 100 lbs. $200

  • 100 lbs. to 159 lbs. $300

  • 160 lbs. and above $500

  • Sitting fee of $40 will be charged if hog not harvested

Call Joetta to book a hunt or fill out an online form

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