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The Varn


The G.D. "Jerry" Varn family now owns & operates the plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina. The late 1700s plantation has been in the Varn family for eleven generations.

Mr. Varn towered almost seven feet tall and was easy to spot in a crowd. A charismatic guy with a heart as overwhelming as his stature, Jerry could quote from the Bible or constitution with equal eloquence. He was a true southern gentleman and a shrewd businessman who passed away in 2007.

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G.D. "Jerry" Varn III and his two sons, Gerhard and Martin Varn, now run and maintain the plantation.

Passed on for





Over 154 years ago on February 1, 1865, the northern army was en route from Savannah, GA, to Columbia, SC, when the Confederates made their last big defensive effort at Broxton Bridge and Rivers Bridge on the Salkehatchie River. 

On the southern end of the plantation, there is an old battleground complete with all the breastworks left over from the defense. 

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