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The targets are made up of two pieces of plastic, the white part is the “witness cap” and is affixed to the orange “propeller”. When properly hit by pellets, the witness cap will separate from the propeller, scoring you a “hit”.

Inside of the helice ring there are five launchers arranged in a semi circle in front of the shooter platform. When “pulled” an oscillating motor will spin the target at five thousand rpms or more.

The computer will randomly select which launcher to pull the target and then it will automatically reload.


To score, the goal is to knock the witness cap from the propeller before it exits the ring or before it hits the ground. If the witness cap separates from the propeller but falls outside the ring, it does not count as a scored bird. 


Our Helice Course is the first in South Carolina

The targets will keep you on your toes, as soon as these fly out of the trap they zig, zag and if a gust of wind comes along they are known to accelerate up and swoop away. If you are a hunter, this is the game for you.



Our sporting clays course was originally designed by champion Dan Carlisle.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 6.57.34 PM.png

In addition to being a great way to "fine tune" your shooting eye, Sporting Clays is a great way to spend 2 hours between other hunts that you might have scheduled in the morning and afternoon.


In addition to sporting clays, Broxton Bridge has a Promatic wobble Trap with remote control. The trap can be used at ground level to practice incoming, crossing or going away shots. The trap can also be electrically winched 40 feet up to make the perfect dove field shots.


Broxton Bridge Plantation has three NSCA Level 1 Sporting Clays Instructors to help you get started or teach an old dog new tricks! They teach a structured shooting process which will give you the necessary tools to improve your skills, no matter your current level.

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